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Performance: OptoSonic Tea, February 16, 2009 · posted 5 February 2009

Personnel: Andrea Williams, Chris Williams, Jason Das, Peter Shapiro


We performed live sound in support of video artist Peter Shapiro at the Diapason Gallery as part of the OptoSonic Tea video/audio series.

Thanks to our fellow performers Joshue Ott and Ezekiel Honig for a great set, and to Katherine Lieberovskaya and Ursula Scherer for the hospitality.

The sound quality isn’t great and the camera is off-angle, but you’ll get the idea. The sound in the video is not the same as what you’ll hear in the stand-alone audio version; each version has strengths and weaknesses. (And there are several minutes edited out from the stand-alone audio, where we were simply too quiet for the poorly set-up microphone to hear.)

mp3 (23:29)

field recordings, cello, stompboxes, sampler, cymbal, mbira, television audio, gangsa, singing bowl, samples, harmonica, Echochops, guitar, psaltery, delay, amplifier, etc.