Performance: Art Social, August 1, 2009

The Glass Bees love art. You probably do, too. On Saturday, August 1, we participated in curator Aneikit Bonnel’s ART SOCIAL. We performed two sets over the course of the night under the stars in her backyard in Brooklyn, just off Myrtle Avenue, not far from Fort Greene Park.

Aneikit took some photographs of the event.

We have posted an audio recording of the finale of our second set.

And here is a video of part of our performance:

From the official announcement for the event:

The ART SOCIAL finds its precedent in the concept of the ‘salon,’ a collection of eclectic artists and intellectuals who gather to engage and expand upon their passions and forms of expressions. Set in the conventional structure of Home, works of Art are presented in an intimate and accessible environment, intentionally provoking a dynamic cultural discourse.

The presenting artists include:

REBECCA BEERS MILLER displays wire and found object weavings that focus on the psychological underpinnings of process and its relation to material.

HANLY GUNN presents Deep See Circus, a visual diary in painting and sculpture provoked by emotional and environmental fluctuations starring His Majesty King Quadopus and Mighty Mighty Moonson. On land, as in the See, the circus is a perceivable reality.

CLAIRE FALKENBERG paints oil on large-scale landscape photographs, shifting a static moment to an active one.

THE GLASS BEES perform live soundscapes assembled from colliding abstract loops, ambient noise, and sudden inspiration with the use of electronics, guitar, keyboards, acoustic percussion, computer processed field recordings, and found objects.